About Us

We are Terri Fogarty of Portland, Oregon, and Mike Coletta of New York, NY. As veteran travelers of Europe, we’ve been sharing our knowledge of and passion for Europe travel on this website since 2006. Terri owns a successful travel agency, www.euroescapes.com, and Mike, with roots in the travel industry, is a website development and marketing expert.

Because of the overwhelming amount of travel information on the Internet, we saw the need for a website that makes it easy and fun to get the best, most up-to-date advice on our specialty, Europe travel. At EuropeUpClose.com, we strive to give our readers useful, comprehensive information and itinerary planning tips for every budget. We share timely travel news, tell where to find the best deals, and reveal those hidden gems that guidebooks often miss. Our beautiful photos help tell the story.

We have recruited talented writers who live in Europe or travel there often and are eager to share their knowledge and experience. We know you’ll enjoy hearing from Jen, Morgen and Mattie, our resident foodies, and Marilyn, who never met a museum or ancient ruin she didn’t like. Michael Orr’s wide range of interests includes sports and beer (a winning combination,) while Neil and Joan take us along on their annual France canal-boat adventure. You’ll also come to know Sascha, Anne-Sophie, Brigitte, Inka, David, Caitlin, Suchi, Rachel, Robert and others who will share with you their own travel finds.

Our focus is Europe…we have traveled there numerous times, exploring the countries of our ancestors and immersing ourselves in the culture and history of the continent that we have grown to love. We hope you enjoy reading our blog, as we bring you the best advice, tools, tips and website links for planning – or just dreaming about – your next trip to Europe.

- Terri and Mike

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